Efia Odo’s Boyfriend Goes For HIV Test After Dirty Secrets Of Efia Got Leaked (+Screenshot)

One faceless Snapchat Blogger identified as Fatpussy055 has caused a massive tremor on social media barely 72-hours ago with damming secrets about notable Ghanaian celebrities which is still trending.

Efia Odo featured prominently in the exposé and of course, that did not come as a surprise to us at all. Although she attempted a feeble defense yesterday, we ain’t buying it since we know she’s lying through her teeth.

Apparently one person who believes Efia is also guilty of all the accusations levealled against her by Fatpussy is her ex-boyfriend, Kwaku Revloe.

Dude has quickly gone in to test his HIV status to make sure he’s safe. Reveloe posted a picture on his Snapchat handle which sees him with a nurse drawing his blood for a test.

Below is the photo:


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