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Don’t exaggerate, live fake lives – Samini to emerging artistes

Dancehall Pro, Samini has admonished emerging artistes in the music industry to exude humility and avoid ‘showing off’ and giving ‘fake’ vibes to get people perceiving them as ‘up there’ and wealthy.

Speaking on the ‘E with Beck’ show Tuesday, Samini maintained that such lifestyle really ends up draining the life and monies out of people, leaving them with regrets mostly.

For him, it is important that one lives within their means, spending only when necessary and prioritizing their assets.

Samini recounted how living and wasting on material things in the early stages of his career almost landed him in trouble.

“People in Ghana know me, years that we have driven machines that cost, we were just having fun and you know that you can’t rely on material things. We spent monies on unnecessary luxuries at a certain point in time but thanks to God, we changed our mentality before it could be too late. So when we sit back today and look at certain people who believe that is the way, I only pray that they also have the realization that material drains your resources, your assets so you have to look into more fixed assets than material things. So the car you drive around doesn’t determine what is in your bank account and if your car is more than what you have, that’s a big problem, you have to start worrying”.

Being able to admit one’s financial status in the profession he noted, provides opportunities for benefactors to identify and support where necessary.

“It’s an advice to the up and coming, don’t over exaggerate what you actually have because then if there’s anybody that wants to help, they would advise themselves and go and help those who really need it because you want us to know that you are good, you already have it, you are the this and that….”.

Most importantly Samini stressed, it is essential that musicians appreciate their fans and render them the respect that is due them since their fan base is the major source of their income.

“If you actually have it, be careful how you rub it in people’s faces because these fans will do anything to get GHC 20 or 50 to come and pay, then you gather all these 50’s to come and put in your house so when you are talking to hustlers, careful not to make them feel like losers for paying money for you to become wealthy or for you to get something to eat. Be wise enough to be resourceful and also save up. Be modest because you are already in the light so when you are coming around, try and keep it a bit modest and come down to people’s level so you don’t become the arrogant guy that nobody can touch anymore because there’ll be a time that you’ll actually wish you were touchable but people would have already marked you as untouchable and wouldn’t want to mess with you”, he said.

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