Don’t blame the economy for your promiscuous life – Edem slams Moesha

Rapper Edem has asked the Ghanaian youth to live within their means and stop blaming their the country’s economy for the disastrous lives they are living.

His comments comes after CNN released a video interview of Actress Moesha mentioning that she depends on a married man to live good because the country’s economy does not favour her kind of lifestyle.

In the interview, Moesha indicated that she has to remain loyal to her boyfriend and also provide him with sex anytime he needs it because he may feel she is cheating if she avoids him.

But reacting to the interview, Rapper Edem indicated advised:(unedited)

Spend within your means…Cut your coat below ur size ..If u can’t take a taxi take trotro..If u can’t buy papaye buy Amalia waakye..N stop telling us Economy!! Any body wether man or woman wey want things ihn pocket no fit hold ..would eventually bend their rules”.

He tweeted;


The time is always right to do what is right. Martin Luther King Jr.