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CRAG Inaugurates New Executive Members

The Car Rentals Association of Ghana (CRAG) recently witnessed a momentous event as five (5) newly elected executives were sworn in and inaugurated to spearhead the Association towards a brighter future.

The swearing-in and inauguration ceremony marked the beginning of a promising era for the association, signaling fresh ideas, renewed enthusiasm, and enhanced collaboration in the car rental industry in Ghana.

Strengthening Unity and Vision:

The event commenced with a sense of unity and camaraderie as members of the CRAG, along with esteemed guests, gathered to witness the newly elected executives taking their oaths. The new executives pledged their commitment to serve the association, uphold its values, and work tirelessly towards the betterment of the industry as a whole. This collective vision demonstrated their determination to enhance the car rental sector’s professionalism, standards, and service quality.

Empowering Leadership:
The swearing-in and inauguration ceremony also highlighted the importance of empowering leadership within the CRAG. Each executive member, including the President, Vice President, Organising Secretary, Treasurer, and Public Relations Officer (PRO), will play a vital role in charting the association’s path forward. Through effective leadership, they will promote transparency, industry ethics, and a customer-centric approach, ensuring that members of CRAG provide exceptional car rental services across Ghana.

Collaboration for Tourism Development:

The Role of Car Rentals in Tourism Development was a key theme throughout the ceremony. The new executives emphasised the significance of unity amongst CRAG members, industry stakeholders, and government bodies in order to achieve the desired Development By forging strong partnerships, they aim to tackle common challenges, such as regulatory compliance, improving infrastructure, and promoting sustainable practices within the car rental industry. Collaborative efforts between CRAG and other relevant entities will undoubtedly result in a more cohesive and prosperous industry.

Driving Innovation and Education:

The swearing-in and inauguration ceremony served as a platform to emphasise the role of innovation and education in propelling the car rental industry forward. The new executive members expressed their commitment to introducing technological advancements that enhance the customer experience, streamline operations, and boost efficiency. They also emphasised the need for continuous learning and skill development programs to ensure that members stay abreast of industry trends, customer expectations, and best practices.

In his remarks, the chairman for the occasion. Dr. Kwesi Eyison did emphasise that the role of the car rental industry in sustainable Tourism development is not just significant, its transformative Ladies and gentlemen. Tourism is a powerful.

Additionally, the chairman who is also the Acting President of Ghana Tourism Federation (GHATOF) stated that Tourism is a powerful force that brinfs people together, fosters cultural exchange and fuels economies. “It is in this context that the car rental industry remains pivotal as it had the unique opportunity to influence Travel and Tourism patterns and shape responsible practices.

“As we move forward, let us remember that the car rentals industry holds immense potential to shape the future of sustainable tourism development. Let us embrace innovation, foster community connections, partnerships and collaborations and drive change that goes beyond profit margins, Change that impacts our lives positively,” Dr. Eyison emphasised.

He seized the opportunity to congratulate the president elect and the entire executives of on the election to the high office of CRAG

Delivering an inaugural address at the occassion, the newly elected President of CRAG, Mr. Michael Sarpong, indicated that he was deeply honoured to assume the role of president of the noble Association

Speaking further, Mr. Sarpong disclosed that the Government through the Minister of Tourism Arts and Culture, and the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) has been instrumental in fostering conducive environment for our operations. Explaining further, Mr. Sarpong, recalled nitiatives such as the Year of Return and Beyond the Return have greatly contributed to the Association”s activities, aligning our efforts with the broader goals of promoting tourism in Ghana.

Furthermore, we are grateful for the support of our umbrella body, the Ghana tourism Federation (GTUF) which has served as a pillar of strength for us.

“Together through the effective collaboration, we can continue to play a pivotal role in private tourism in our beautiful nation. We acknowledge the perseverance of the others the dedication of the staff, and the professionalism exhibited by our drivers. Your hard work commitment are the bedrock of our success,” Mr. Sarpong added.

“Admittedly, our industry faces numerous challenges, but remain resolute and hopeful to ensure our continued growth and success. We must transform, foster innovation and cultivate effective collaborations,” he observed.

Additionally, Mr. Sarpong who is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for ST. Michael Rent-A-Car, emphasised that collaboration with stakeholders remain pivotal to the Association”s endeavours and they are committed to working closely with the Ghana Police service to address security related matters effectively.

Also, we shall engage with insurance companies to develop special insurance packages for our members, enabling the implementation of convenient “pay per trip” insurance system.Together, these collaborations will enhance safety and provide our members with tailored insurance solutions that suit specific needs,” Mr. Sarpong stressed.

Speaking further, the President who doubles as the leader of the newly sworn -in executives, assured that they will proactively engage with government agencies advocating for our industry interests, and seeking opportunities for training programmes to empower our members. In addition to the five-member executive team’s commitment to providing financial support to its members, we will establish initiatives that facilitate access to the financial market. These initiatives will help our members reduce operational costs and enhance the overall performance within the association.

Also, part of this support package will include facilitating the procurement of vehicles through effective solicitation and arrangement with reputable automobile dealers and manufacturers. “By streamlining the process of obtaining vehicles we aim to empower our members to operate more efficiently and competitively in the car rental industry.

According to Mr. Sarpong, to amplify the association’s influence, they have devised a comprehensive plan to host significant events including Annual awards night quarterly newsletters or magazines and Auto Show. “These initiatives are strategically designed to boost our visibility, foster customer engagement and acknowledge outstanding service delivery,” he said.

Furthermore, the chairman mentiondd as an association primarily dealing with vehicles they acknowledge their responsibility to lead the way in environmental protection, sustainability and climate change. To this end, they shall initiate a green brand movement, pioneering and encouraging the use of electric vehicles among our members.

“I pledge my firm commitment to CRAG to lead with selfless dedication and integrity. My foremost goal is to foster unity, and inclusiveness among all members recognising that our collective strength lies in collaboration and mutual support. Together, we will embark on a journey towards prosperity guided by a shared vision and a person of excellence,” he emphasised.

“As the president of CRAG i will tirelessly work to steer the association to the new heights, ensuring that every member thrives and flourishes in the vibrant current industry of Ghana,” Mr.Sarpong stressed.

In a statement read on his behalf, the Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture, Dr. Ibrahim Mohammed Awal, praises the outgoing executives for being very worthy partners to work with. “They’ve always pushed the strong advocacy role in terms of what is necessary and needed to push their business forward,” the statement added.

He promised to bring sanity into the car rentals industry by clamping down on the “galamsey” operators as raised by the incoming president during his inaugural speech.

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