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Check Out These 8 Great Places To Have Sēx In Public To Enlighten Your Relationship

Sex is an important part of a relationship between a man and a woman. However, there is not always a place where they can get maximum pleasure from it. In such situations, advice comes from experienced couples. The city is certainly a very crowded place, but, nevertheless, it offers a person a lot of opportunities to relax and enjoy sexual pleasures with extreme.

Public places to have sex


If you want to have sex in public places, then try to do it in a train. This is perhaps the only moving transport that allows you to have fun. Compartments are cozy and intimate, so you can be hidden from people behind the door. In addition, a train doesn’t move as actively as a car does. It will give a lot of pleasant impressions to both a man and a woman.

Dressing room

It’s a very comfortable but “dangerous” place for sex. It is comfortable because is fenced with a special curtain, hiding a couple of unnecessary eyes. Often a dressing room is equipped with an armchair or mini-sofa, as well as a large mirror in which you can observe the process. And it is “dangerous” because you are not insured from the fact that a consulting seller can find you at any moment. In addition, many dressing rooms are equipped with surveillance cameras. So, keep in mind that you can be watched.


This is an extreme and not very convenient place for sex, but nonetheless – popular. Of course, in order to get the maximum pleasure from such a crowded sex, you need free VIP seats and a small room. Such conditions can be achieved only when a film is not too popular, and a session lasts in the daytime and on a weekday. In addition, people having sex in public places, should be extremely careful and regularly monitor that no one is watching them. Many cinemas have a video surveillance system, so it also should be taken into account. This option might be a bit too much if you involved in Russian girls dating, but you still can give it a try!


This is one of the most intimate and, at the same time, dangerous places for sex. It is intimate because basically there is never anybody on the roof. The problem is that it is not always possible to get on the roof – the attic is often locked with a key so that children and “couples in love” don’t climb on it. Nevertheless, if you are prepared, you will be able to find an accessible roof or somehow open a door. You should understand that it is important to have sex on the roof only in a safe place, not on the edge. Another thing to consider is the fact that the roof can be quite windy – it can ruin the quality of sex and lead to the fact that you can catch a cold. Also, take into account the sanitary conditions. Choose only vertical positions with a minimum of maneuvers.

Amusement park

It may seem surprising but an amusement park is a place with many secluded corners and places. Be sure that you will never forget such “urban” sex! It is really one of the most exciting places to have sex in public.


The advantage of this social event is a lot of people staring off in one direction. Therefore, you can step aside and do your “dirty” business while others are dancing and watching their favorite performer. Put on clothes that will make it easier for you – a girl should wear a short dress and be without underwear, a man should wear light pants and a short shirt.


Cars are a popular place for sex, but can it be considered “public”? Yes, if you left a car in a public place. But the acuity of sensations will not be lost from this.


No matter how funny it sounds, but it’s quite intimate and one of the best places for public sex. It can hide you from unnecessary eyes and give you an intimate atmosphere. However, there are inconveniences – you can only take a vertical position.

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