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Cabum endorses 54vibes.com

For many artists if not all, where their product ends up to reach their fans means a lot to them, most especially the platform in which their fans get their songs to stream, buy or even download for free.

54vibes has proven itself as the best on it own as an audio streaming platform with a social network bit dedicated to vocal artists and music lovers.

Just recently one of Ghanas finest Hiphop and rap artist, Cabum, born Frank Kwame Gyasi- Frimpong who hails from Kumasi tried and tested the quality, originality and flexibility of 54vibes and to his dismay he got a shock of his life to have a platform developed and managed in Ghana to stand and even beat the internationally known platform like soundcloud among others.

This happened when officials of 54vibes engaged him with the aim of introducing the platform to him, but surprisingly he had already heard about it through his colleague and friend BraaBenk who is already on the platform and has been using it for a while now. He then lamented that there is one thing he as an artist is much more particular about when uploading his music on any website or platform and that is sound quality. For this reason he tested 54vibes with other platform including soundcloud where he knows the sound quality was the best and he was absolutely stunned by the results, 54vibes’s sound quality stood out. He tested by streaming his song popping & laughing on both platforms using his studio monitors.

He then assured that, since 54vibes quality is the best, he is going to use it over soundcloud which was is his first choice (but not anymore). He promised to recommend Artiste to use 54vibes since it has other great benefits including realtime statistics plus it’s free!

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