#BURIALOFKOJO: The First Ghanaian Film On Netflix

The Burial Of Kojo, a movie produced by Blitz The Ambassador, a Ghanaian rapper based in the USA will be available on Netflix from March.

The Burial of Kojo a 2018 movie which was premiered for the first time at the Urbanworld Film Festival 2018 will finally be on giant online streaming website, Netflix and once it’s there anyone who couldn’t catch the premiere in Ghana will be able to watch it.

Distribution rights for the movie has been purchased by Array-A film distribution company. The company has announced in a Twitter post that, ‘The Burial Of Kojo’ will be available on Netflix from March 31st.

The Burial Of Kojo was shot in Ghana, produced by Sam Blitz Bazawule and Ama K. Abrebese.

The Burial Of Kojo follows the tumultuous relationship between two brothers, Kojo and Kwabena. Kojo causes a car accident that tragically kills Kwabena’s bride on their wedding day. Kwabena in turn, devices an elaborate plan to seek revenge 7 years later. He lures Kojo to an abandoned mine, knocks him unconscious and leaves him in the mine shaft to die. Kojo must survive with no food and water, while his wife and local detective race against time to find him.

The burial of Kojo which stars local Ghanaian film persons like Ama K Abebrese, Joseph Otsiman, Mamley Djangmah, Kobina Sam and more, is the 22nd movie to have been acquired by Array.

CREDIT: kuulvibes


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