Blac Chyna’s Ex, Mechie, Says That’s Him in the S3x Tape and He’s Pissed!

Blac Chyna’s most recent s3x tape partner is her ex-boyfriend, Mechie … according to him, and even though he admits recording it himself, he’s as pissed as she is about the leak.

A rep for Mechie informs that the explicit video showing a naked Chyna performing oral s3x was shot back in July.

We’re told Mechie was the one who recorded the encounter, but it was all captured using Chyna’s phone.

His rep says Mechie never had his own copy of the video, so he has no clue how it got out.

Chyna’s attorney, Walter Mosley, calls the new, leaked video a “criminal matter” — while her other lawyer, Lisa Bloom, put a name on the crime … revenge porn.


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