BBC interviews Actress Maame Serwa

Young Ghanaian actress Clara Benson, popularly known us Maame Serwaa appeared on BBC documentary show where she talked about her career, charity in Ghana and others subject matters.

A crew from BBC UK paid a visit to one of the most talented actresses in Ghana, Maame Serwaa.

Ghana’s own Maame was a guest on the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) UK on WEDNESDAY, April 11.

Serwaa also spoke on the need for women, particularly in Africa, to be supported, and given opportunities which would make the world “believe in them more.”

According to Maame Serwaa, she did not have it easy while trying to make a mark for herself in the movie industry.

The actress of one disclosed further, that while that menace was and is still prevalent in the industry, she never agreed to “go down” with any producer before being given a role.

Serwaa explained that she knows her value and talent as an actress, therefore she allowed those attributes to speak for her rather than the roles.

According to her, she is a very positive person, therefore, she does not allow negativity and bad talk from people and the media to get to her.


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