Apple Watch SOS saved a mom and her baby after a drunk driver hit their car

Kacie Anderson relied on the SOS feature from her Apple Watch to call 911 emergency services for her and her baby when her iPhone was flung out of reach during a car accident.

The 24-year-old mom says she wore Apple Watch for a couple of years as part of lacrosse and basketball coaching, but never needed the SOS feature before.

Her injuries from the crash were serious enough that medical attention at the scene of the accident was crucial to her being able to take care of her baby: While Anderson’s son only suffered bruising and scrapes, her own injuries were more serious.

Anderson says she feels “so blessed” she was wearing Apple Watch when the car crash happened after it saved her and her son’s life.

In the U.S., holding down the side button on Apple Watch for a few seconds calls 911 and sends a text to your emergency contact saying that you need help … all without having to tap through multiple apps in a terrifying situation.


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