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54vibes.com: The best new experience for sound lovers and audio Artistes is now here!

For quite a number of time people have been wondering and asking questions like What or who is 54vibes, What’s different from 54vibes, what the benefits of 54vibes and so on, and so today we decided to finally answer and educate our lovely readers about 54vibes.com.

54vibes is an audio streaming platform with a social network bit dedicated to audio artists and music lovers.
54vibes.com seeks to help artists build their brand and fanbase strategically by given an empirical data on statistics of each audio file (sound) uploaded not only on our platform but on the internet, wherever your sound is played.

This data will includes;

1. Number of plays, applause (likes) downloads in a day, week month, year and lifetime.

2. Who played, applauded, downloaded the sound.

3. The location of these people.
how many plays and downloads, who and the country and city played and downloaded most, etc etc…

With this data at hand we believe it will therefore help Artistes to make informed decision with regards to performances, how and where to promote which kind of sound or piece etc… Also, this will again help any Artistes on the platform to build thier brands strategically and increase his/ her fanbase.

It is also one of the core motive of 54vibes to seek to bridging the gap between artists and fans, imagine chatting with Sarkodie, Stonebowy Efya, Becca and or any of your favorite artists. These and many more 54vibes brings to the table with just a click.
We encourage you to be your own DJ, create your own playlist, listen to them on the go, carry your favorite vibes along everywhere you go… Follow friends and artists, keep them close…anytime, any where, any day!

54vibes.com also has the ability to provide live top music chart, that is; which song or Artistes had the highest listenership. It therefore has the potential of revolutionalising the music industry in Ghana and Africa at large.

“There are many awesome plans and updates on our list which we believe it will naturally help this cause.” – CEO of 54vibes.

This is what Mr. Aaron Amankwah, the CEO and funder of LesMor Solutions and 54vibes has to say on the journey so far with 54vibes;

Aaron Amankwah

Music and Art entirely has been my passion from infancy, in fact my dream as a kid was to become one of the best music producers in Africa. After completion of SHS in 2008, I taught myself how to produce beats driven by the passion I had for music. I became a household name in the university as a music producer. Also I formed a record lable and a live band group (Positive) on campus all because of my passion and love for talent. I could go without food and sleep for days just to see my talented Artistes and band happy playing a gig. It was during these times this idea came.

I wrote and produced a classic high life record for my lead singer and headline Artist of my record label. Everybody who heard the record was wowed by it content, delivery and production yet bloggers demanded money before they would put it on their website, including my blogger friends. I therefore told my team that we should create a website for the label where the songs of our artists will be uploaded and they can interact with fans as well. The idea seemed great to our Artistes and the whole team but the problem was how?

We then consulted a student who was a web developer to help us achieve this goal. He was willing to help but quoted a charge which we found huge. I discussed it with a friend and he motivated me to do it myself as he believed I am fast learner so I can learn programming and develop the website by myself. I heeded and here we are now with 54vibes.

It really took it shape and became much clearer in 2016 where myself and other friends got exposed to the other challenges Artists and management face in promoting their projects but the challenge then was how and which best solution can deliver the dream.

The name 54vibes came out of the blue while we were searching for a name with the highest potential of being a solid brand, a very simple catchy yet meaningful name.
So why 54vibes? We believe in Africa and as we may all know there are 54 countries in Africa and in Ghana, vibe means sound or music, it also means chat or interactions, and all these represent the idea we have. So simply put 54vibes in actual sense means Africa Vibes/Sound/Music.

As a person who understands music and knows what goes into making music we are therefore passionate about Artists and hence royalties is part of our plan. Hence, we plan implementing royalty payments to Artistes and record lables according to number of plays.

All said and done, we know 54vibes.com is here to stay and we believe in creative people and the power they possess so we endorse 54vibes for every music lover and audio artists all over Africa and even across, this is for us, let’s make good use of it to the fullest and have fun with it.

54vibes.com is already live and people are vibbing to it, Log on now to Upload your Sounds (Music), Discover New Audio Content, Stream Sounds, Download Sounds, Chat with your known or unknown friends and Artistes, and get Real Time Statistics (RTS) all for free!

54vibes.com ~ the social media for audio’s!!

54vibes ~ Get heard, feel the vibes!!!

About Nanne

Nana Nyarko is the name A.K.A Nanne. A Tech Junky, web developer and a content developer by passion. The Assist. Manager of Vernsons Co. Ltd which operate and manage Kuulvibes.com. A brand publicist, social media expert, music lover & a gamer. A Volunteer & an Entrepreneur who loves to travels a lot.

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