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5 things men consider in women as marriageable material

Marriage these days has become very complex but it can be easy when both the man and woman know what they really want in each other.

Settling down with a partner is supposed to be a “for life” thing and that is why in choosing, one must be very careful. 

But on top of all the deliberations is the fact that everyone wants to be with “Mr Right” or “Mrs Right.”

For men who want to get married though, there are certain things they would want to see in a woman before considering her to be the lady of their choice. 

Here are five things every man would want to see in a woman to consider her a marriage material: 

1. Maturity

Being mature is very key to the success of every marriage. However, Maturity does not only connote to old age. 

A couple can be very young but very also very matured in their dealings and the ways they manage their issues. 

Married men are often burdened with responsibilities and that is why they often want matured women beside them.

A matured woman can be more than just a wife. She manages her husband and compliments him where he lacks certain factors. 

2. She should be focused in life

Obviously, no man wants to get married to a woman who has no focus in life. Every man wants a wife who knows exactly what she’s about. 

A woman who thinks about the future and not just today’s gains. Those are the kinds of women that a man can build a home with. 

Just like women do not entertain men who lack focus, men also want to have wives who have a clear focus in life. 

3. She should not be pretentious

Pretention is very common these days in relationships, but not many relationships or marriages built on pretence survives for long. 

A wife material is not supposed to be pretentious. Rather, she should be a realist and true to herself and her man. 

Pretending in a relationship only postpones the inevitable. Successful relationships are built on trust and that is what every man would want to see in his woman. 

4. She should not be a gold digger

The term “gold digger” might be a bit odd, but such characters do really exist. There are people in a relationship solely because of its gains. 

Such people are obviously not marriage materials. Marriage is a two-way thing; it requires that both man and woman help each other in times of need.

Therefore, the moment the woman is not ready to occasionally help out and focuses on only what she can get from the man, she becomes a gold digger. 

5. She should be supportive

Another thing that men usually look out for in a woman is one that is supportive. 

As stated earlier, marriage is a two-way thing. That means that the man alone cannot do it alone and will definitely need the help of his wife at certain times. 

Every supportive woman is wife material and that is the kind of person every man would want as a wife.

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