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2020 Final Year Students of GTUC (Now GCTU) Still Awaiting Graduation

The Expected Graduate of Ghana Technology University College (now GCTU) yet to be Graduated since 2020 after completing their degree and diploma respectively.

Rumors has it that the main campus in Accra have had theirs but upon checks and investigations both main campus and all satellite campuses are yet to graduate the final year students.

Most students are finding it difficult to cope with this situation and the school authorities also haven’t issued any official report as to why this is so since almost all tertiary institutions have held their various graduations.

It is still unclear when the school will announce the graduation date and also hold it and the frustration to students is really unbearable because no information is forth coming from SRC nor the school authorities.

Students we had the opportunity to interact to are saying they need their certification for possible job openings, promotions in their institutions and others also want to travel and or further their education.

We are still trying to get hold of the authorities and find out from them why this is so and until we can’t tel emphatically when the 2020 graduations will be done for these final year students but we will advise the students to also be patient with the school so things can be done smoothly, probably the delay is from the transition from private institution to government institution thus, Ghana Communication & Technology University or the COVID-19 pandemic we are all facing.

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  1. Mustapha essel

    I actually think the school authorities don’t think about the final years student because when is about fees they will send us messages but anything outside the fee’s no communication. We will be happy when the actually date is confirmed to us. Without the the student the school is not school. Thank you

    • It is sad how this has to be happening in this modern world, how will things even be now that it’s a public institution, anyways we will advise students to remain calm and hope the school will do better!

  2. Maame Takyiwaa

    The school is suffering from poor management. The school authorities doesn’t think about the school, all they think about is the school fees and nothing else which is very bad. They should tell us when we are graduating cos I hv missed a great job opportunity due to the unavailability of the certificate. The school lack good communication too.

    • From all our interactions with some of the students, seems these are the common issues in the school both past and present students are saying same and it’s very alarming now that it’s a public institution how are things going to be?

  3. Changing management and leaving their customers in the middle of the quagma of the ocean tells the public how the mismanagement would be in contuity 100+1%.
    Customers watch out, letting the school Pass through you without being a follower in such institution
    Will even cause your final result Negatively as a student. Bam!!!

  4. Evans Kwadwo Dwamena

    Unfortunately, the job
    market is no respecter of persons and will only offer available jobs to ready and qualified candidates.
    Some of us risk missing promotional opportunities at work because we have not been able to update our
    records since completing our studies. There is a particular case of a student who has been issued an
    ultimatum to produce his certificate at work or face dismissal for being underqualified

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