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Can you get an STD from kissing?

Kissing can be awkward AF—but, aside from beard burn or the common cold, it’s pretty safe, right?Not exactly. A peck on the mouth (or a full-blown, let-me-shove-my-tongue-down-your-throat makeout session) can actually transmit a couple different types of STDs [insert cringing emoji here]: herpes simplex virus (HSV) 1 and 2 and syphilis, says Teena Chopra, M.D., corporate medical director of infection …

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Research shows that Ghanaians in London are dying of heart diseases!

It has emerged that many Ghanaians living in the Greater London area of the United Kingdom are dying from heart related diseases in recent times. This has been attributed to severe pressure of work, marital issues and also pressures from back home in Ghana. A one-year investigation by Graphic Online’s correspondent in London, Nana Sifa Twum has revealed that, an …

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A tooth sensor that monitors nutritional intake!

Researchers have developed a tooth sensor which could monitor dental health and nutritional intake. A team from Tufts University School of Engineering in Medford, Massachusetts have been working on the tiny sensor that can monitor a person’s glucose, salt and alcohol intake and it is just 2mm x 2mm in size. Fiorenzo Omenetto, co-author of the study and professor of …

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#HEALTHVIBES: Does Taking a Hot Bath Really Burn as Many Calories as a 30-Minute Walk?

Some things just sound too good to be true, like coffee supposedly making you live longer and chocolate making you smarter. In a reasonable Universe, such outcomes are unreasonably, unthinkably good. Here’s another one you might have heard of. Does a hot bath really burn as many calories as taking a 30-minute walk? It would be nice if it were …

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IT’S OFFICIAL: A British Man Has Contracted The First Case of Untreatable ‘Super-Gonorrhea’

It’s not a great feeling to know that you scared your doctors. Unfortunately for a man in the UK, he recently did so: he displayed a case of gonorrhea that so dramatically resisted treatment that it chilled his physicians.   That’s partially because gonorrhea isn’t the best thing to leave untreated. But another reason: this case is a harbinger of …

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